Australia History

Torres Strait Culture

Torres Strait Culture

Australian Communities: Torres Strait Islander People Australia has two Indigenous Peoples, Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. Torres Strait Islanders come from the islands of the Torres Strait that separates the Australian mainland at Cape York from Papua New Guinea. The Strait was named after Luis Vaez de Torres, a Spanish adventurer who visited the area…

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Australian Creative

Australian Creative

Whiskas biggest campaign of the year (2009) was the relaunch of Whiskas Tasty Textures for cats, directed by James Holt. The LaB Sydney was asked to design and bring to life a believable 3D purple cat character – Whiskas’ first 3D mascot – and composite this realistically into two 30second TVCs with online collateral at The Cat Lounge (site no longer active). He’s warm and…

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