Aboriginal Australians

Australian Aboriginal lifestyle

Australian Aboriginal lifestyle

Yarrabah, Queensland, Australia. Yarrabah is an independent Aboriginal community situated approximately 53 kilometres (33 mi) by road from Cairns CBD on Cape Grafton. It is much closer by direct-line distance but is separated from Cairns by the Murray Prior Range and an inlet of the Coral Sea. At the 2006 census, Yarrabah had a population of 2,371. The Yarrabah area was originally…

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Greeting in Australia

Greeting in Australia

An Australia man nearly caused a quarantine of an entire police station in Brisbane when he brought in a greeting card he believed was laced with anthrax. However, the white powdery substance that was mailed to the man inside of the card turned out to actually be cocaine. A Queensland Police Service spokesman told ABC News that officers were ordered to evacuate the Boondall…

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