Christmas Food

Aussie Christmas Food

Aussie Christmas Food

Kick off the festive season with our spectacular modern feast. Grab the December issue of magazine from Thursday 12 November for our complete Aussie Christmas feast, plus loads more delicious ideas to take you through the festive season. Including a succulent Spiced Pineapple & Sake Glazed Ham, luscious Seafood Salad, Whole Roast Cauliflower, Baked Sweet…

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Torres Strait Islander Religion

Torres Strait Islander Religion

Religious Beliefs. Indigenous religion in the Torres Strait fell victim to Christianity early and thoroughly in the years of European contact, and few traces of it remain. It appears that beliefs focused upon a cast of culture heroes whose travels throughout the region were recounted in creation myths. Through the exploits of these mythological beings the physical features…

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Aboriginal spirituality Ethics

Aboriginal spirituality Ethics

Elder George Courchene of Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, at a public hearing of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples in 1992, spoke of “Indian law” that was given to the people by the Creator at the beginning of time: “He gave them four directions. He gave them sweetgrass, the tree, the animal and the rock. The sweetgrass represents kindness; the tree represents honesty;…

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