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Cultural Events in Sydney

The Alliance Française de Sydney organises many cultural events on a monthly basis: exhibitions, concerts, conferences, cooking classes, and our traditional French events (Le Beaujolais Nouveau, Bastille Day Celebration, La Fête de la Musique). These all contribute to a very dynamic and eclectic program that will appeal to anyone who likes French culture or wants to learn more about it. These events also allow our students to immerse themselves in all aspects of French culture and practice their French. While most events are open to everyone, some are reserved for our members only.

Our major event is the Alliance Française French Film Festival, jointly organised every year in March by the 6 main Alliance Françaises of Australia, which showcases the best of French contemporary cinema.

Each month, we also recommend a selection of French events that are organised by Sydney’s main cultural institutions. Thanks to the strong relationships we have built with them, discounted ticket prices and other advantages are offered to the Alliance Française de Sydney members.

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