Christmas Tree

Australian themed Christmas tree decorations

Australian themed Christmas tree decorations

It s never too early to think about Christmas! Especially if you re planning to deck the halls with unique Australian made decorations and accessories like us! This week we take a brief look at the origin and history behind some of the most popular decorations and share some inspiration to help create an Aussie themed Christmas this year The Tree: The evergreen fir tree was…

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Australia country Information

Australia country Information

Located south of the equator, Australia, the Island Continent, is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the west and Pacific Ocean in the east. It occupies cool temperate to tropical climates from 10° south to 43° south latitude and from 112° east to 153° east longitude, to the south of the countries of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, and west of . Global location map (right) by From…

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What Is In Australia?

What Is In Australia?

Many international students want to settle in Australia for good and fruitful career. Most students generally start their employment on temporary work visa, which only allows them to work for limited period. Some students find it difficult to get PR because their education and occupation is not appropriate to be eligible for PR. This can be very costly mistake as it is known…

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