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AUS Christmas Lighting

Fancy decorating your home with thousands of Christmas lights? What about syncronising those lights to music? Or maybe even building your display with a range of DIY projects and collaborative ideas? You're not alone! is home to a community of Christmas lighting enthusiasts who run or are considering to run a computerised lights display.

The best resource for getting started is the manual.

In Detail

There are so many ways for achieving a computer-controlled Christmas lighting display - from "plug and play" to DIY from scratch or a hybrid of everything inbetween. Use the Wiki shortcuts in the red menu to the right, or if you already know what you are after, enter the term into the search box at the top of this page.

This Wiki is an excellent source of information however if you can't find what you are after or what you find is not completely clear, post questions to the or if you're in a hurry see if anyone in the knows the answer!

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