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A country of western Africa on the Atlantic Ocean. The coast was settled by Wolof and other West Atlantic peoples, while the interior formed part of the medieval empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Coastal trading posts were established by the Portuguese (mid-1400s) and by the Dutch and the French (1600s). Senegal was awarded to France in 1815 by the Treaty of Paris and became a French colony in 1895 as part of French West Africa, with full independence being won in 1960. Senegal joined with Gambia in the short-lived confederation of Senegambia (1982-1989). Dakar is the capital and the largest city.

Sen′e·ga·lese′ adj. & n.



(Placename) a republic in West Africa, on the Atlantic: made part of French West Africa in 1895; became fully independent in 1960; joined with The Gambia to form the Confederation of Senegambia (1982–89); mostly low-lying, with semidesert in the north and tropical forest in the southwest Official language: French. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: franc. Capital: Dakar. Pop: 13 300 410 (2013 est). Area: 197 160 sq km (76 124 sq miles)


(ˌsɛn ɪˈgɔl, -ˈgɑl)


1. a republic in W Africa: independent member of the French Community; formerly part of French West Africa. 10, 051, 930; 76, 084 sq. mi. (197, 057 sq. km). Cap.: Dakar.

2. a river in W Africa, flowing NW from E Mali to the Atlantic. ab. 1000 mi. (1600 km) long.

French, Sé•né•gal (seɪ neɪˈgal)

Sen`e•ga•lese′ (-gəˈliz, -ˈlis) adj., n., pl. -lese.

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Noun 1. Senegal - a republic in northwestern Africa on the coast of the Atlantic Senegal - a republic in northwestern Africa on the coast of the Atlantic; formerly a French colony but achieved independence in 1960
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