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Major countries in Australia

St. Basil Cathedral near the Kremlin, Moscow (source: wiki)Continue Below

The following is a list of the largest countries by area in the world:

1. Russia – Largest country in the world by far with a size of 17, 098, 242 square km (6, 601, 668 square mi)

2. Canada – Second largest in the world and largest in the Americas with 9, 984, 670 square km (3, 855, 100 sq ml). It is also the country with the most water in the world (8.93% of it’s total size is water)

3. China – Third in the world and the largest in Asia: 9, 706, 961 sq km (3, 747, 879 sq mi)

The Skyline of Toronto, Canada (source: wiki)Scroll down below to continue reading

4. United States – Fourth largest in the world: 9, 629, 091 sq km (3, 717, 813 sq mi). It is only slightly smaller than China

5. Brazil – 5th largest in the world and the largest country in South America and in the Southern Hemisphere: 8, 514, 877 sq km (3, 287, 612 sq mi)

China is the third largest country in the world. Shanghai, China (source: wiki)

6. Australia – 6th largest in the world and the largest country in Oceania, as well as the largest country without land borders: 7, 692, 024 sq km (2, 969, 907 sq mi)

7. India – 7th largest in the world but less than half the size of Australia: 3, 166, 414 sq km (1, 222, 559 sq mi)

8. Argentina – 8th in the world with a size of 2, 780, 400 sq km (1, 073, 500 sq mi)

9. Kazakhstan – In the 9th place and just slightly smaller than Argentina: 2, 724, 900 sq km (1, 052, 100 sq mi)

10. Algeria – 10th largest in the world but the largest country in Africa: 2, 381, 741 sq km (919, 595 sq mi)

The United States is the fourth largest country in the world (Skyline of Manhattan) (source: wiki) Corcovado statue in Rio,  Brazil (source: wiki) Sydney,  Australia. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world The Taj Mahal - a symbol of India - 7th largest country (source: wiki)

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