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Australia Post customer Service

scam email example missing Australia Post branded letterheadAustralia Post continues to warn customers of emails which advise that a "courier" was unable to deliver a parcel to their address. Australia Post does not request customers to remit a payment for parcel collection, nor does it charge customers for holding a parcel.

Scroll down to see some examples of scam emails.

Scam email example showing incorrectScam sender addresses

  • aupostalservice
  • auspostalservice24
  • aupostal-service
  • au-postalservice
  • auspostal-service
  • austpost-trackforce
  • austpost-tracktrace24
  • auspost-portal
  • aupost-tracktrace
  • auspost24
  • auspost-trackit24
  • auspost-track24
  • auspost-portal24
  • auspostweb24
  • auspost-home
  • auspost-trackit
  • australia-post
  • eparcel-tracking
  • au-stpost
  • aust-pst
  • auspost-eparcel
  • austp
  • austpst
  • aus-post
  • au-post
  • autpost
  • aut-post
  • aust-post
  • delivery-service
  • postaust
  • postaut
  • postconfirm
  • post-daily
  • postline-au

What you should do

These scam emails contain malware that encrypts your file system and demands payment for the system to be unencrypted (also known as 'ransomware' or a 'phishing' scam). Prevention is the best approach. It's vital you know the warning signs of a phishing scam.

Scam email example showing incorrect grammerIf you receive this email, please delete it.

If you suspect your computer or network is infected by ransomware, seek technical advice immediately. For details on free software to unlock your PC (Cryptolocker malware unlocker), visit Stay Smart Online.

Scam email example of attempted delivery with no tracking number provided and missing Australia Post branding Scam email example with incorrect grammer (There is undelivered packaging) and sentence casing (lower case first word of sentence)

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