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Australian Landscapes

Story Bridge image to feature on new stamp

Welcome to AustralianLight - Landscape Photography

AustralianLight is the collective effort of Australian landscape photographers Russell Stewart and Bernie Zajac.

Russell and Bernie have worked tirelessly compiling this collection of exceptional and unique fine art landscape photographs of Australia, all now available via our easy and secure online shopping experience.

Dreamy May - A selection of new releasesWhether you are looking for a unique acrylic-mounted print to fill that small space, or to brighten up that entire room with an unforgettable framed panoramic print, our gallery is sure to have an image that will meet your need. Remember, all our prints are all individually produced to the highest possible standards and inspected by hand before leaving for you, so you're guaranteed to have the highest quality product available!

Please enjoy our gallery and we welcome your stay.

Recent Blog Entries

AustralianLight is stoked and proud to have one of our images featured on an official Australian stamp issue commemorating Australian Bridges and the engineering achievements behind them.

In celebration of breaking a little drought in new image releases, we're happy to present a selection from our more recent images in the theme of "Dreamy"

If you have any questions regarding our images, the presentation method or even the creation of a custom image just for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us..

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