Australian Aboriginal Culture

How to celebrate Australia Day?

How to celebrate Australia Day?

Steps Decide how you d like to celebrate. There are many ways to celebrate Australia Day and all of them are good because you can catch up with mates. Probably the main rule , if there are any rules, is just don t celebrate it alone! Get out there and enjoy it with lots of other people. Different ideas include: Attending an official event (concerts, award ceremonies, fireworks…

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Diversity of Aboriginal culture

Diversity of Aboriginal culture

By Eleanor Bourke and Colin Bourke When we are together we are happy. Geraldine Briggs in The Wailing (Rintoul 1993) All aspects of Aboriginal society have been directly affected by British colonisation. Land use, law, spiritual beliefs and ways of life have been traumatised. Aboriginal society has felt the full force of the invasion and it is arguable that traditional Aboriginal…

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Different Indigenous groups

Different Indigenous groups

Manila, Luzon Themes Regions More Information The indigenous people of Mindanao There are more than 40 different ethnic groups in the Philippines. Each group has a distinct culture and language. Several of these ethnic groups can be distinguished as tribal groups . They are indigenous groups who still live in a rather traditional way. Each group lives in a specific region…

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