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Wedding registries have come a long way in the last couple of years. There are now so many options (such as wishing wells, department store registries and honeymoon registries) and different ways to create a registry (in-store and online) that you are sure to find one to suit you and your fiancé’s needs. Here are ten of the best registry services in Australia that will make your registry-creating experience fun and hassle-free (listed in alphabetical order).

David Jones

A department store registry

For a traditional registry, you can’t look past David Jones. Their extensive range of quality merchandise and services has everything you need for fitting out your home, as well as adding some fun with items like a TV, games and computer. Book an appointment with a David Jones Gift & Bridal consultant to start building a registry that your guests will find simple, convenient and familiar. A great bonus is that once you’ve created your list, guests can obtain a copy online, giving them time to search through your list before heading in-store. The process will be easy and carefree for you too. Once you have received all the purchased items, if you have any problems or double-ups, items can be returned or exchanged as per David Jones Returns Policy.

Karma Currency

An online charity registry

If you’re a couple that has everything and doesn’t like the idea of receiving gifts, why not create a registry that raises money for a worthy cause. A charity registry is a great choice for to-be-weds who feel close to a specific cause or have no need for another set of sheets. Your guests will appreciate the kind gesture, and if you nominate a variety of charities they may even find one that they too hold close to their hearts. Karma Currency is an online not-for-profit company that connects gift giving occasions with worthy charities. By setting up your gift registry on Karma Currency’s website you can choose from hundreds of charities and thousands of gift options, including protecting the rainforest, saving endangered animals, funding research to cure cancer, clearing landmines and many more. Karma Currency’s Gift Registry is a free service for the couple and guests are charged a small processing fee of $4.95 on top of their contribution amount. Contributions to your registry can be made online or over the phone.

My Wedding Registry

A honeymoon registry

A honeymoon registry is your chance to experience the holiday and honeymoon of a lifetime, with the kind contributions from your wedding guests. Instead of asking your guests to contribute money, you can set up a honeymoon registry which allows guests to see where the money goes and for them to feel more involved in the gift-giving process. My Wedding Registry is an online honeymoon and gift registry service that allows to-be-weds to personalise their registry by adding adventures, indulgences, necessities and extravagant splurges. My Wedding Registry is a fully-licensed independent travel agency so they can not only create your registry, but also help you every step of the way to plan and book your dream honeymoon. Their consultants have over eight years experience in the travel industry so you will be dealing with professionals that are passionate about your honeymoon and know how to source the best deals. My Wedding Registry has a ‘thank-you card manager’ that takes note of who gave you what to make sending your thank you cards easy.

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