Cable Beach Wedding Ceremony

Australia Wedding Ceremony

The bare minimumYour wedding ceremony can be as long winded, extravagant, special and ceremonial as you could ever desire.

Let your mind wander, start dreaming, and that 4 hour epic adventure of wedded love can be yours!

But many couples ask me what the bare minimum is. What is the shortest, simplest, easiest ceremony you can do?

I don’t like to do bare minimum ceremonies, mainly because they are barely a ceremony, more of a procedure.

But there are reasons for doing bare minimum ceremonies You might be getting married overseas, or in a more casual arrangement and would like to do the “legals” separately, perhaps before you leave for your South Pacific getaway.

But whatever your reason, here are the bare minimum requirements to become husband and wife in Australia.

Bare minimum wedding

A NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage, or Form 13) must be completed in the presence of the bride and groom and a marriage celebrant, or another prescribed officer like a Police Officer or other. This form must be completed, with birth certificates sighted, 30 days before the wedding day.

The 30 day notice can be waived by a prescribed authority in the following cases:

  • Employment–related, or other travel commitments.
  • Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations.
  • Medical reasons.
  • Legal proceedings.
  • Error in giving notice.

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