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The Aborigines of Australia

The students that made up SAFA came from many different existing societies including the Australian Labor Party (ALP), the Newman society, the Jewish Students Union and the Civil Liberties Association. Led by Charles Perkins there were around 35 students that took part in the Freedom Ride. Note: Ages are sometimes approximate, and both age and enrolment in university courses are for February 1965.

Charles Perkins

29, third year Arts, Arrernte man, born in Alice Springs, former soccer player, Aboriginal activist, President of SAFA. He was the SAFA spokesman during the Freedom Ride.

“The Freedom Ride was probably the greatest and most exciting event I have ever been involved in with Aboriginal affairs”

Ann Curthoys

19, third-year Arts, member of the Labor Club

Ann’s diary forms the narrative of this exhibition and gives us great insight into the day-by-day activities and experiences of the students during the Freedom Ride.

Jim Spigelman

19, third-year Arts, leader of the Fabian Society, breakaway group from the ALP Club

Darce Cassidy

22, part-time third-year Arts, also ABC radio producer, member of the Labor Club

Gary Williams

19, third-year Arts, Gumbaynggir man from Nambucca Heads

Aidan Foy

19, third-year Medicine, member of the Labor Club

Alan Outhred

19, third-year Science, member of the Labor Club

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