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There has got to be more to celebrating Australia Day than snags on a barbeque with way too many beers and wines doesn't there?

Well maybe not, but surely we have matured into a more gastronomically sophisticated nation than to serve up cheap burnt pork sausages haven't we? Undoubtedly we have and despite the influence of scores of cuisines from around the world, besides snags, there are a number of quintessential Aussie dishes, products and ingredients that help to define us as a nation and Australia Day is as good as an occasion to trot out as many as we can. So for Australia Day, I've created a multi-course menu for the day that I hope can inspire, provoke or just instill pride in Aussie cuisine and ingredients.

Vegemite on damper


Start this massive day with some very traditional, but easy to prepare Australian tucker.

First Course: Vegemite on damper.

Second Course: Follow the damper with that great Aussie breakfast cereal creation, Weet-Bix, topped with banana and strawberries.

Third Course: Sneak in a violet crumble bar or an ANZAC biscuit.

Drinks: Down all this with a wattle seed coffee or a Billie tea and a bottle of water.

Anzac Bickies

Prawns prawns prawns


For lunch, it's time to tuck into the bounty of delicous fresh Australian seafood that inhabit the sea that girts us.

First Course: A bucket of cold prawns served with a small bucket of seafood sauce.

Second Course: A half dozen Sydney rock oysters with a squirt of finger lime.

Third Course: A half cooked Balmain Bug served with more seafood sauce.

All dishes are served with a choice of potato or pasta salad.

Fourth Course: Lamingtons and a Pineapple Splice.

Drinks: Beer and wine of choice. Lemon myrtle iced tea and a bottle of water.

Anything with Salad and Chips


It's dinner time on Australia Day so fire up the barbeque. After my disparaging remarks about sausages in my intro, snags are a must, so I've included them in a classic Aussie pub like mixed grill.

First Course: A packet of Smith's potato chips.

Second Course: Mini meat pies and tomato sauce.

Third Course: A mixed grill of meats including lamb chops, kangaroo snags and a T-bone steak.

Dinner must be served with the always present chips and salad.

Fourth course: An oversized slice of Pavlova and a Golden Gaytime or chocolate Paddle Pop.

Drinks: As per lunch but include a Bundy and Coke, oh, and a bottle of water.

So there you have it cobbers, if you have any fair dinkum suggestions for true blue Aussie tucker to hoe into on Australia Day, let your Weekendnotes mates know. So get cracking organising your Australia Day menu and have a bonza time!

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