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Fashion of Australia

A hub of fashion and beauty news and inspiration, The Fashion Journo brings you news, reviews, trends, interviews and more from people and places around the world.

Think of TFJ as a fashion and beauty publication hosted on a blogging platform.

With a strong focus on the Australian fashion and beauty industries, TFJ is a big supporter of up and coming Aussie talent.

Focusing on designers, stylists, photographers, make up artists and more, TFJ loves to bring great talents into the spotlight. We're always looking for new brands, designers, people and more to report on.

We're also a big lover of all things international and love reporting on fashion and beauty from around the world.

Product reviews are also a big part of TFJ with both fashion and beauty products being reviewed often. Our reviews come from personal experiences of trying out the products rather than a regurgitation of press releases.

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