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SPN logoOverland, the most radical of Australia’s long-standing literary and cultural magazines, celebrated its 60th year in 2014.

Overland’s mission is to foster new, original and progressive work exploring the relationship between politics and culture, especially literature, and to bring that work to as many people as possible.

Overland values:

  • the wide dissemination of new, challenging and progressive ideas about politics and culture, showcasing Australia to the world and the world to Australia;
  • participation in political and cultural debates and controversies, with an interventionist rather than passive orientation;
  • aesthetic excellence, encouraging contributors to achieve their best;
  • democratisation of politics and culture, providing room for diverse and marginal voices alongside the established and the authoritative;
  • social justice, in the broadest sense of that term, applied to both the cultural and political spheres.

Overland publishes a quarterly print journal of essays, fiction, poetry and reviews, and an online magazine of cultural commentary, updated most days, as well as irregular online-only editions of fiction and poetry. It holds events, discussions and debates in writers’ festivals and similar forums throughout Australia. It hosts a number of major literary competitions, with an orientation to emerging writers.

Overland accepts unsolicited writing for both the print and online journals, and is committed to paying all its writers.

Overland is published by a not-for-profit organisation. It depends on its community for support. If you like what you read, please take out a subscription.

Editor: Jacinda Woodhead

Publisher: Alex Skutenko

Fiction editor: Jennifer Mills

Poetry editor: Toby Fitch

Consulting editor: John Marnell

Publicity officer: Rachael McGuirk

Contributing editors (fiction): Clare Strahan, Oliver Driscoll

Website producer: Benjamin Laird

Graphic designer: Brent Stegeman


Hon Barry Jones AO: Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Education at University of Melbourne, former Minister for Science; former National President of the ALP.

Overland is published by:

O L Society Limited, ABN 78 007 402 673.
Room 517 Building G, Victoria University, Ballarat Road, Footscray VIC 3011. Incorporated in Victoria.


Dr Nathan Hollier (chair): Former editor of Overland, Director of Monash University Publishing.
Dr Jacinda Woodhead: Editor of Overland.
Shannon-Kate Archer (deputy chair): Qualified lawyer, Senior Research Analyst Workplace Relations for the Australian Fair Pay Commission and Fair Work Australia.
Alex Skutenko (secretary): Overland’s editorial coordinator and publisher.
Andrew Leggatt (treasurer): Supply Chain Manager – Vistaprint Australia Pty Ltd.
Associate Professor Bronwyn Cran: Former Dean, College of Arts, Victoria University.
Jeannie Rea: National President of National Tertiary Education Union.
Malcolm Neil: Director of Vendor Relations, Kobo Australia NZ, former Director at Small Press Underground Networking Community, former Chief Executive Officer, Australian Booksellers Association.
Benjamin Laird: computer programmer; electronic poet; former Geek-in-Residence at Australian Poetry; PhD candidate RMIT University.
David Murray-Smith: Senior Projects Adviser, Department of Justice & Regulation (Victoria); background in youth and community work; policy analysis.
Richard Llewellyn: Co-founder and CEO of Llewellyn & Associates and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Tessa Meyrick: Senior Associate, Allens Melbourne, Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group.

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