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Why are Australians so rude?

are Aussies rudeWhy do so many countries assume Aussies are rude? Here are some shameful comments from people who just do not understand the Aussie ways and the great Aussie humour.

Australian are very rude and have very little culture. They are blunt and arrogant because they have no concept of decorum. You will never be apart of their group if you don’t swear, drink, fart, go for a football team, have an view about any other race. Australians seem to think they are the be all and end all of human existence, yet their history is completely based on criminal back grounds.

They did not achieve much in the way of history, there was construction of great monuments, no invention that could be said to change the course of the human race or any kind of achievement that shaped the world as we know it.
It is very clear that most of the achievements that Australia has was done by immigrants and even they are poisoned by the Aussie mentality. As help from one of them to assist someone from a non English background to better them selves. Ask them to show you how to fit in or learn the work they do. All you will receive is criticism, put downs or comments like “Its not my responsibility to teach you how to do it”. Or what were you taught in your country.
Never are you praised for good work that’s up to you to do. They are short fused poorly cultured people who have no idea or care about other cultures.
We are seeing a new era where there are more ethnic backgrounds then white Australians who are absorbing their mentality. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

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I used to have this romantic notion that Australians were fun, laid back and interesting, but after meeting a lot of them over the years I have come to a very different conclusion. They are incredibly irreverent, obnoxious, viciously anti-american and annoyingly self-absorbed with their country. I’ve wondered if it was just bad luck (over and over again). My British pals have told me that it’s sort of common knowledge that Australians are, sorry to say, annoying xenophobes.

Their anti-Americanism goes way before Bush came around. When they get started talking about the US they are so sneering, smirking and cocky. It’s almost visceral. They also like to throw around that the US is a racist country– an interesting accusation from a country that is 90% white and has an immigration policy to keep it that way. Nice little eugenics experiment down there.

They claim that they dislike Americans because they are so stupid, which is why most of the top 10 universities in the world are in the US. The last time I looked, merely one university in Australia made it into the top 30 list. Harvard isn’t in Australia, nor is Yale, or Princeton, U Michigan, U Penn, UVA, Williams, MIT, U Chicago, Northwestern, etc.

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