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a head and shoulders photo of a geishaCostume of a geisha, close-up

Costume of a geisha, full-length

If your play is based in Japan, you might want a costume for a traditional geisha - a female Japanese entertainer. They wear white make-up on their face, with bright red lips. A geisha always wears a kimono (a traditional full-length robe).

Clothes as worn at a traditional indian wedding

Traditional Indian dress

a full length photo of a geishaThe traditional dress for an Indian woman is a sari- a large piece of cloth that can be wrapped around the body in various styles. The most common style of wearing a sari is wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. Most women wear a short-sleeved blouse underneath.

Traditional clothing for Indian men includes a knee-length (or longer) shirt (note women may also wear these). It's usually worn over loose trousers.

man and woman in traditional indian wedding outfitsThe colourful dress of African street perfomers

Dress of a traditional african woman

Traditional african dress, worn in a variety of ways

Traditional African costume varies widely across the continent, although there are some similarities. Tunics or kaftans (long shirts, usually to the floor) are popular clothing for men, worn with loose trousers. Women may wear toga-inspired garments, wrapped around their bodies. Bright coloured fabrics and beaded jewellery are popular.

woman in traditional african costume man and women in various colourful african dress woman in sari and men in traditional indian costumes man with feather in hair holding a drum

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