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Aboriginal Tribes names

Bediagal Bediagal, Bidjigals, Bid-ee-gàl, Bejigal,
Probably to the north-west of Parramatta, between Parramatta and Hawkesbury River, possibly around present day Castle Hill.
Birrabirragal Birra birragal-leon Possibly associated with Birra Birra, a rocky reef in the lower harbour now known as Sow and Pigs.
Borogegal Borogegal,
Possibly associated with Borogegy, now know as Bradleys Head.
Boromedegal Boorammedegal, Boromedegal,
Boora me di-gal, Booramedigal-leon
Assumed to be associated with Parramatta area, on similarity of pronunciation, Parràmatta (Tench 1793), Par-ra-mata (King in Hunter 1793).
Buruberongal Burubirangal,
Bu-ru-be-ron-gal, Buruberongal,
Boo-roo-bir-rong-gal, Boo-roo-ber-on-gal, Boorooberongal
To the north-west of Parramatta, about two hours walking distance from the Hawkesbury River (Phillip in Hunter 1793).
Darramurragal Darra murra gal, Tarra-merragal Said to be 'in the district of Wanne', but on similarity of name associated with the suburb Turramurra, at the headwaters of the Lane Cove River.
Gadigal Cadigal, Cadigàl,
Càd-i-gal, Cadi-gal
Cadi was on the south side of Port Jackson, extending from South Head to Long Cove (Darling Harbour) (King in Hunter 1793). Càdi, the bay of Cadi, is probably 'Kutti' which is the Aboriginal place name for Watsons Bay.
Gahbrogal Cah-bro-gal The Cahbrogal lived inland and ate estuarine teredo worms called cah-bro (Collins 1798). In 1845 Mahroot said the 'Liverpool blacks' were called 'Cobrakalls'(In: Select Committee on the Condition of the Aborigines Report 1845). Associated with the suburb Cabramatta.
Gamaragal Càmmerragal,
Cam-mer-ray-gal, Cameeragal,
Camera-gal, Kamarigal
Cam-mer-ray (Collins 1798), Cammerra (Phillip 1790), Camerra (King in Hunter 1793) was on the north shore or north side of Port Jackson.
Gameygal Kamey-gal Around Kamay, the name for Botany Bay, possibly to the north-west of Gwea (Anon ca 1790-1792).
Gannemegal Cannemegal Wau-maille [War-mul] which the Cannemegal was said to inhabit was one of eight place names in the district of Rose Hill which was 10 minutes walk westward from Rose Hill (Anon ca 1790 1792).
Garigal Caregal, possibly Corrugal Caregal initially given as name of 'a man, or a tribe, who resided to the northward'. Later, 'Nanbarre said Caregal was the man's name, and he lived at, or near Broken Bay' (Phillip in Hunter 1793).
Gayamaygal 'the tribe of
Kay-yee-my, the place where the Governor was wounded - Manly Cove (Phillip in Hunter 1793); Kay-ye-my, Manly Bay (Anon ca 1790-1792).
Gweagal Gweagal, Gwea-gal Gwea. Gweea was on the southern shore of Botany Bay (Tench 1793).
Wallumedegal Wallumedegal, Walumetta,
Wallumede. Wallumede was on the north shore, opposite Warrane (Sydney Cove) (King in Hunter 1793).
Wangal Wangal, Wanngal, Won-gal Wann (Phillip 1790). Wanne (King in Hunter 1793) extended along the south side of the harbour from Long Cove (Darling Harbour) to Rose Hill, which the local inhabitants called Parramatta.

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