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Values of Australia

At PwC our aspiration is to build an inclusive culture which embraces differences – where we live our values every day, can be ourselves and feel empowered to realise and discover our potential. We know that when people from different backgrounds and different points of view work together, we can create the highest value – for our people, our clients and society.

All roles are ‘flex’

We are pioneering new ways of working and giving our people more choice about how they work, because we recognise it’s not where they work but what they do that matters.

Some of our clients have already taken an ‘all roles flex’ approach and the benefits – from improved productivity to attracting and retaining diverse talent – are numerous.

At PwC it all starts with an open and authentic conversation about how, when and where you work best, so together we can build an arrangement that works for you, your team and your clients.

Societal relevance

We encourage our employees to get involved in the community and offer programs to enable our people to get involved in what matters most to them.

  • PwC Giving is an open-choice giving program that gives our people the freedom to support the causes they are passionate about.
  • PwC Volunteering provides charities, educational institutions and social enterprises with access to PwC’s greatest resource – our people.
  • PwC on Board is a program supporting our people to connect to the not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors through seeking Board or Advisory positions.
  • Champions is a program enabling employees to harness their passion for the community or environment, and play a key role in engaging colleagues.
  • Community mentoring provides opportunities to coach and mentor young people to build their life skills and confidence.
  • Environmental behaviour – help us to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions and remain a 'carbon neutral' organisation (including purchasing 100 per cent renewable electricity).
  • Reconciliation Action Plan – PwC is working in partnership with our networks and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities towards the common goal of reconciliation in Australia.

Lifestyle, health and wellbeing

Some of the initiatives to support our employees maintain a healthy lifestyle include:

  • social club
  • complimentary fruit, snacks and refreshments
  • modern professional dress (for a more relaxed and contemporary look in comparison to formal business attire)
  • corporate rates for health insurance
  • fitness club membership discounts
  • periodic wellness seminars
  • salary continuance and temporary disablement benefits
  • personal insurance services
  • flu vaccinations
  • individual health and safety assessments
  • help finding carer and family assistance
  • emergency and short notice care options (e.g. if your child is too sick to attend school or daycare)
  • dedicated rooms for employees and visitors with babies
  • meditation and prayer rooms
  • community groups to support diversity and share interests
  • 24-hour confidential, professional counselling service.

Travel and secondment opportunities

We encourage you to seek opportunities to work in other teams, states, countries or at client sites. This can give you a great range of skills and experiences, while helping PwC respond to market needs.

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