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About the exhibitor:
Merv Cargill was a favourite in the guitar community. His attention to detail and immense passion for producing instruments of the optimum tonality and finish made the Cargill name one that is now synonymous with the guitar industry. From his backyard garage, Merv attracted some of the biggest music names with his reputation in guitars travelling far and wide, well beyond his base in Melbourne’s coastal suburb of Seaford.
James Cargill, caught the guitar bug from his well known father, and decided to carry on Merv’s legacy, armed with the tricks of the trade as passed down over the years. James is now approaching almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing and repairing guitars – an enviable reputation himself – and has managed to capitalise on the foundation his father solidly built.

At Cargill Custom Guitars, tradition stands the test of time – James still operates from his father’s original garage workshop at the back of the family home, although these days, he admits a change of scenery would be nice. Regardless, the Cargill garage has become something of a music icon itself – an unassuming and intimate workshop packed with the paraphernalia of over 50 years of music and guitar history.

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