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Australia food Customs

Men usually shake hands (firmly) the first time they meet. Women may or may not shake hands. "How do you do", "Good morning" and "Good afternoon" are formal greetings. Usually students and young people just say "Hello" or "Hi". People often appreciate it if you add their name: eg "Hi, Peta".
Social invitations
Whenever you receive an invitation formally (a written note) or informally (by telephone), it is good to reply quickly and honestly. On a written invitation, "RSVP, " means, "Please reply" by the date that is stated. It is usual to ring and tell your friend or colleague if you have to change your plans or if you are delayed.

When you are invited to join friends for an outing to a restaurant or the theatre you will usually be expected to pay for your own meal and/or tickets. If the friend offers to "shout" then this means that they will pay for you. If you are in doubt, ask.
If you are used to having servants to do most of your work, you may find the Australian way of life a little difficult at first. In Australia, it is not considered shameful for anyone to do manual work and males often share in the housework. A person sometimes employs a cleaner, who comes once a week to clean the house, but Australians usually do most of the housework, child care and gardening themselves. This means that they don't have as much free time as people who employ servants.

Bring a plate
You may receive an invitation to a Barbecue be asked to "bring your own steak or veggie patties". This seems strange to most international students but it is an acceptable way to entertain. Buy a steak or patties at the supermarket (they come neatly packaged), put it in a bag and give it to your host when they greet you at the party. If you are asked to "bring a plate", this means "bring a plate of food" as a contribution to the meal - don't just bring an empty plate! .

B.Y.O ? Bring your own

If you are told that a party is BYO it means that you are expected to bring your own drink - soft drink or alcohol. Some restaurants are also BYO. At these restaurants it is acceptable to bring your own alcohol, usually wine or beer. Soft drinks are normally available from the restaurant.

Australians drink a broad variety of refreshments. Water is not automatically brought to tables in restaurants. Just ask for water and it will be brought.
Don't be worried if you are not fluent in the English language. If an English speaker is speaking too fast ask them to speak a little more slowly.
Some questions are not asked in Australia unless you know a person very well or unless you are related to them. For example: don't ask someone their age (especially an older person) and don't ask men or women how much money they earn.

Questions about the cost of a person's house and the cost of the various things they own are considered impolite in Australia. If you would like to know the cost of something, ask the question in a general way. For example, you could say, "How much does the average house cost in Brisbane?"
Saying thank you
If you are invited to a party celebrating someone's birthday, or for Christmas, take a small gift. If you are invited to a meal and you drink alcohol it is common practice to take a bottle of wine to contribute. If you do not drink alcohol then it is not necessary to do this. It is never necessary to give expensive gifts, but a small souvenir from your country, a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers would be received with delight.

Thank you is a phrase used often in Australia. It is usual to say thank you even for small favours done by people who are just doing their jobs (eg shop assistants or waiters).
The use of names
Australians usually have two or three names. The last name is their family name or surname while the first one or two names are their given names.

On all official documents it is important that you always use your name in the same order. As different cultures adopt varying practices in relation to names many overseas students underline their family name, eg Wong Chee Lee. This is also why some Australians may have difficulty remembering your name.
Here are a few guidelines on the use of names:

  • First names are used more frequently in Australia than in other countries. It is usually all right to use a person's first name if he or she is about the same age and status as you. This also true for people younger than you.
  • Lecturers/supervisors will often invite you to call them by their first name, which is very acceptable practice in Australia.
  • A man or woman who is older than you is often addressed as Mrs, Miss, Ms or Mr until the person asks you to use her or his first name, or until you get to know the person better.
  • Many Australian women use the form of address, Ms (pronounced Mizz). Ms is used for both single and married women and replaces Miss or Mrs. Use "Ms" when you are not sure if a woman is single or married.
  • If you have any doubts about what to call someone, simply ask, "What shall I call you?" If people seem unsure what to call you, tell them the name you prefer.
  • The use of "nicknames" is very common in Australia. A nickname is not a person's real name but a name given by friends (usually) because of some physical characteristic or behaviour pattern, or it may be a contraction of a real name. Someone named Andrew, for instance, might be given the nickname, "Andy". Being called a nickname is not uncomplimentary; in fact, it is often a sign of acceptance and affection.

Meals and table manners
Australians eat three meals a day: breakfast (7 am-8 am), lunch (12 noon-2 pm) and dinner or "tea" (6 pm-7 pm, sometimes later), supper - (late evening) usually after an evening social event is only tea and coffee and a light snack.

When invited to "tea" it is best to ask "at what time?" Tea usually means the evening meal, but as Australians also have "afternoon tea" (mid afternoon light snack) and "morning tea" (mid morning light snack) confusion might result from the word "tea". Australians forget that this term is not perfectly clear to newcomers.

Australians eat with their fingers only at barbecues or picnics outside the home. Inside the house, you are usually invited to sit down and to use knives, forks and spoons. If you are not sure which one to use first, wait to see what your hosts do and copy them. Do feel free to ask your host if you prefer to eat according to your own country's custom. There is no cultural significance in eating with left or right hand in Australia.

If you have medical, dietary or religious reasons for not eating certain foods, explain this to your hosts when you accept their invitation to dinner.
It is the Australian custom to offer food or drink only once. If your first reply is "No" out of politeness, your "No" will probably be taken literally and food may not be offered again.
If you are at someone else's home and you wish to smoke, it is common practice to go out of doors, as many Australians find cigarette smoking offensive.

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