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Christmas traditions in Australia for kids

Santa Claus Clebrations

Christmas Traditions in Australia
Christmas is celebrated all around the world. Each country has different customs and traditions. Learn about the Christmas traditions in Australia. Different countries celebrate in their own way including different dates, food, drinks which lead to a variety of diverse Christmas traditions around the World! This article features popular Australian Christmas traditions detailing the celebrations, gift giving, Santa Claus and other customs followed in Australia. We have even included some useful facts and information about the country, the flag and even the language!

Flag of Australia

Christmas Traditions in Australia
A tradition is a specific practice of long standing in which unwritten customs and practices are passed from one generation to the next. Traditions and customs form part of a country's culture and heritage. The following information provides some fast, interesting facts about customs and Christmas traditions in Australia:

  • In Australia, the holiday comes in the middle of summer and it's not unusual for some parts of Australia to hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Christmas day when adults and children open the gifts left by Santa Claus
  • People relax in casual clothes such as shorts and T-shirts
  • Decorations include Christmas Bushes which are plants with small red-flowered leaves that are native to Australia. Trees and other traditional decorations and ornaments decorate Australian homes. Santa Claus delivers the presents and fills the stockings
  • Santa Claus FamilyDecember 26, Boxing Day is a public holiday when many Australians take the opportunity to clean up after the festive activities or enjoy sporting events, as in the UK. The most famous Sporting events include the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the Boxing Day Test cricket test match
  • Shops close on Christmas day and Boxing Day
  • Various parades are staged, the most famous being the Adelaide Christmas Pageant
  • Australian Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions in Australia - The Food!
What do people eat in other countries at this special time of the year? Festive feasts and recipes are traditional for special occasions including family dinners and meals. Interesting facts about the special food eaten as part of the customs and Christmas traditions in Australia:

  • A typical Christmas dinner in Australia is suited to the warm weather that the Australians enjoy. A picnic on the beach or an outdoor Barbeque are the most common ways to celebrate
  • However, highly traditional meals such as those enjoyed in the UK, are also enjoyed. These would include roast turkey or chicken with stuffing and other trimmings such as small sausages wrapped in bacon and a whole variety of vegetables
  • Christmas Pudding, or Plum pudding or mince pies are a traditional dessert served with brandy butter

Facts and Information about Australia
Learn a little about the country of Australia, as well as its Christmas traditions! The following information provides some fast, interesting facts about Australia:

  • Location: Oceania, continent between the Indian Ocean and the
    South Pacific Ocean
  • Land Size of Australia : 7, 686, 850 sq km
  • Climate / Weather of Australia : generally arid to semi-arid; temperate in south and east; tropical in north
  • Capital City of Australia : Canberra
  • Currency of Australia: Australian dollar (AUD)

Facts and Information about the Australian Flag
Facts and info about the flag of Australia:

  • The Australian flag pictures a large seven-pointed star known as the Commonwealth Star which represents the federation of the colonies of Australia in 1901. The Commonwealth Star depicts one point for each of the six original states and one representing the six original states and the territories of Australia
  • The history of the Australian flag: On 14th April 1954 the "Blue Ensign" flag became the official Australian flag

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