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Australian Customs knives

Drugs allowed through customsWhen you’re travelling it can be tempting to buy all types of fun souvenirs as novelty gifts to give to your friends; however it’s important to know what you can and can’t bring back to Australia.

While novelty items like knuckle dusters and BB guns might make for a great impulse buy when you’re overseas, they won’t be allowed through customs due to the fact that they’re most definitely illegal here in Australia – and may end up causing you no small amount of trouble in the form of fines, or even criminal charges.

According to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, some of the commonly-seized items during 2014/15 were:

  • Drugs –Whether they’re recreational, performance/image enhancing, or medicinal in nature, you won’t be getting any drugs p
    ast customs unless you can provide a prescription provided by a medical practitioner. On top of that, the amount you’re carrying cannot exceed three months’ supply at maximum dosage, and the prescription must either be in English, or you must be able to present a copy translated into English.Animals and travelling The only exception to these rules comes in the form of a permit issued by the Minister for Health.
  • Dangerous weapons– This includes, but is not limited to, poorly
    through-through purchases such as: knives, throwing stars, nunchakus, blow pipes, arm-braced catapults, laser pointers, pepper spray, crossbows, and guns/ammunition. There aren’t any caveats or exceptions to this one, unless you have express permission from either the Police Firearms Registry (for daggers, throwing knives, blades, and axes) or from the Minister for Immigration (for everything else).
No dangerous weapons in airports Are counterfeit items alright at airports

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