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Aboriginal Australia - History


The word "aboriginal" means "the first" or "earliest known". The word was first used in Italy and Greece to describe people who lived there, natives or old inhabitants, not newcomers, or invaders.

Whatever their early history, Aboriginals had settled throughout the entire continent many thousands of years before the white man came and had evolved a way of living that was in harmony with the environment, and that satisfied their needs. Because Australia was isolated from the rest of the world, Aboriginals had little contact with outside groups from whom to "borrow" techniques, to trade goods, to acquire crop seeds, or animals, as was happening in the North of the world. It was only for a few centuries prior to white settlement that visitors came from islands to the north. However, the Aboriginals adjusted to the environment, learned to understand it and gained the maximum from it.


Your task is to find out something about Aboriginal History by completing all or some of the activities from the alphabetical list of words.

You will need to present your information in one of the following ways.

Option A. Present your information in the form of a book.

Option B. Record your information in your HSIE book.


Step 1: Read through the scenario, task, assessment criteria and all of the steps in the process to familiarise yourself with what is required.

Step 2: You can print out the

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