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As the weather begins to turn towards the end of the year, people’s mind begin to wander towards the thought of Christmas trees and all things seasonal and they contemplate what kind of tree they are going to have this year and where in the world they’re going to be able to get it from. They look at tree pictures on the internet, and try to imagine Christmas presents underneath the boughs of various types of tree. What type of tree should be bought? A traditional fir? An artificial alternative? What about a retro feel with an aluminium tree? Or maybe a fibre optic tree. Now what colour? Do we go for a classic green number, or do we look at black, silver, and white trees?

How to Decorate a Christmas tree
You’ve decided on a Christmas tree eventually, and then you start to think about how you’re going to decorate it. Cue the search engine for tree decorating ideas! Will the decorations you already have go with the new tree, or are you going to have to buy a whole new set? This could prove to be quite costly, so you might have to change your original decision – back to square one! One important part of Christmas for many people is hanging their individual, unique hanging ornaments on their trees – each one a memory of years gone by and the family that have shared Christmas seasons past with them.

Pros and Cons
So what are some pros and cons of different types of trees? Many people love a good evergreen tree – the typical real fir you see in all the Christmas films and Christmas tree photos. The pros of this type of tree are the authenticity and the wonderful scent you get for up to 6 weeks around Christmas. The cons can be the expense as well as the mess caused by the tree shedding its needles. Many people go for artificial trees now – these are much more cost-effective and can be reused year after year. However, they tend to be very obviously artificial, and you lose the joy of going out with your family to pick the best tree available. You don’t get the scent or the tall, bushy boughs decorating your room. The choice though, is yours!

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