Scenes of San Juan

Okay, Mother Nature. I respect you.

The last few weeks, Mother Nature has been rough on the Caribbean, Texas, and Florida (and an earthquake in Mexico too).

I can’t believe that since I wrote my last post on Puerto Rico that Hurricane Maria struck the island dead on.

I keep seeing “vacation” images of Puerto Rico in my mind, and it’s hard to reconcile all the destruction we’re all seeing on the news these days.

I sincerely hope it’s not too long before the residents feel more comfortable and things start to go back to normal.

Here are some of my favorite remembrances of colorful quirky San Juan.

Bright sherbet colored buildings and Jesus shrines on the street
Wall of rum… any flavor you could want, literally
View of ocean from San Felipe del Morro Fortress
Beautiful final resting place overlooking the sea
I loved how wild and dramatic the ocean was in San Juan

Cathedral of San Juan Bautista; Is it just me, or is this portrait ¬†unusually “brawny” for cathedral decor?
Public open air free library on the street

Amazing detail in this underpass art mural