Daily Outfits


What’s up guys? Things here in DC have been going well, though the weather can’t decide if it still wants to be winter or spring.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to here in DC lately.

Sunday Brunch

Le Diplomate is one of my favorite places in DC for brunch. Their food is so delicious and you completely feel like you are sitting in a Parisian bistro. Normally, I’m a savory omelette and Bloody Mary brunch kind of girl, but their pancakes I cannot resist.

This day, I wore boyfriend jeans, a tie-neck blouse, this cropped jacket with leather trim, and suede booties, which are cute but not very comfortable. It’s really hard to find parking in this area, so we had to walk quite a few blocks to the restaurant, which meant my feet were killing me in these shoes. But the pancakes and french cafe au lait made up for it.  boyfriend-jeans

Tuesday Work Day

This bright yellow bag was bought a year ago because I loved the color, but truthfully I’ve struggled to use it. Somehow, the color just doesn’t fit into my wardrobe or lifestyle or something. Does it happen to you too?

In any case, here’s my confession. Sometimes for inspiration, I see how items are styled on Net-a-porter and do a copy cat. This idea of pairing bright yellow with gray was “borrowed” from there.


Thursday Afternoon

These purple Jimmy Choo pumps are my favorites, but I’m reluctant to wear them out and about much (don’t want to wear down the heel) and certainly not in winter conditions. This afternoon was rather warm though so they were perfect for meeting a friend out for coffee.


Friday Night Out with Friends

I personally love the simplicity of French fashion style- some jeans, a black top, and some nice heels. This was the outfit I wore for a dinner out with friends here and then to a fun night of dancing hereoff-shoulder-top

Saturday afternoon in DC

Boy, this day was cold! We wanted to see this hot new art exhibit at the Hirschhorn Museum, but they were sadly sold out when we got there. Note to self: buy tickets for popular events ahead of time.

In any case, we ended up strolling around and stepping into the National Gallery of Art instead. I know a basic black wool coat is not that exciting, but it’s a staple and this one was recently bought at Michael Kors on sale. It’s really nice quality and they’re still available now. stripedtop


47 thoughts on “Daily Outfits

  1. I’m seriously loving all your outfits of the week, Mary! Each outfit has such a great element of detail added to it, which makes it look interesting and unique. I love the jacket and coat in the first two looks, the sweater and heels on Thursday, those jeans you wore on Friday, and those cute sunnies in the last look! Great styling! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your Monday so far, keep warm and safe tomorrow!!




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