24 Course Dinner at MiniBar


One of my resolutions for 2017 is to focus on new experiences. So, in lieu of Christmas presents last December, the husband and I decided to splurge on an epic unforgettable dinner at MiniBar in DC.


This restaurant serves a 24 course dinner, featuring the latest in food gastronomy. What in the world is food gastronomy and how can you eat 24 courses?

To answer the first question, think chemistry lab experiment meets fine dining.

All the food is prepared in special and unique ways, like an egg yolk filled with a savory sauce or lime wedges that are not lime at all, but really mojito jello shots.   All of it presented on the most beautiful dishes and pottery.


For the second question, each course is teeny tiny, some courses being a bite at most.


MiniBar offers only a few seatings each night, and you eat your meal in a group of 6 people. This means you get to share the experience with new people you meet at your table.

The whole meal is choreographed around you.

By this I mean that chefs prepare the plates right in front your eyes, meticulously placing herbs on your dish with tweezers! To the side and behind you, servers are swooping away your used dishes and utensils and constantly preparing your place setting for the next course. All of it comes together perfectly timed.

There was no way I could capture every single thing we ate, but here’s the gallery of some of our courses.

Everything was delicious, but my favorites of the night were the blowfish, the squab, and the croissant filled with ice cream.

img_2425 img_2426img_2439 img_2444img_2445img_2442 img_2456

When it’s time for dessert, they move you to the bar, where you have a few more interesting little sweet bites (yes, that’s cotton candy down below!) and the drinks are just as dramatic as the meal.


I ordered a Japanese soju drink called “Divine Wind” (aka kamikaze) which transformed from a beautiful royal blue color into pink as I poured in the alcohol.


Final thoughts on the MiniBar experience

  1. The meal is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. While I don’t think I’d go for the full 24 course meal again, I would absolutely revisit the bar. It would be especially fun to bring out of town guests for some special fancy drinks.
  2. I enjoyed all of the flavors of the meal, but I did feel like the progression was determined more by the gastronomic “trick” they were trying to show us rather than harmony of dishes/ingredients.
  3. 24 courses may seem like a lot of food, but at the end of the night, we still felt hungry! In fact, we stopped for fast food on the way home…

34 thoughts on “24 Course Dinner at MiniBar

  1. Oh my god! That is the ultimate thing for me! We are saving up to treat ourselves to eat and sleep in one of the two 3 Michelin star restaurants the Netherlands have.


  2. What a great idea to share an experience as your gift. And this sounds like the perfect thing! I would seriously love it. Wish we had something similar here as my husband love unique dining experiences.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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