Puffer Jacket with Skirt


Hello people! Can you believe we’re already headed into late January? How’s the weather where you are?

In DC, we’re headed into that awkward time of Winter when the scenery looks like a black and white photograph and it goes on like that for weeks.

Often during this time of year, I tend to reach for comfy & warm rather than new & creative.

To spice up my winter outfits, though, I’m reaching for more colorful pieces (and wearing red lipstick).


This Loft red skirt is a favorite because it’s really seasonless. I wore it over the summer with t-shirts and sandals, but here it is as a winter look too.

This down Puffer jacket is so toasty… it’s my second one from a brand called Mountain Hardware and I totally recommend it if you need something for frigid temperatures. I love it because it’s sporty, but I can wear it to work. mountain-hardwear-coat

Mountain Hardware jacketUGG boots

28 thoughts on “Puffer Jacket with Skirt

  1. It’s been the same here in Connecticut this past week, but the one before, omg, it was in the 50s and so beautiful, if only it stuck around longer 😦 I love your entire outfit, the puffer indeed looks warm and I love the red and black combination of your outfit. Thanks for sharing, lovely, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!




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