Scenes from Charleston


Charleston, SC was the spot where we bid farewell to 2016 and rang in the New Year 2017. Relatives live there, so at least once a year we are lucky to visit and discover some new places. This trip full of new experiences and lots of good food, of course. Here are some highlights:

New Years Day on Kiawah Island


This day happened to be partly cloudy, which made for some beautiful shadows and lighting on the beach. I loved how flat this beach was with pretty white sand and shallow water pools that reflected the sun. It’s also dog friendly and you can let your dog run free off leash certain times of year. Quinn certainly appreciated that.


Dinner at Husk

A fan of Top Chef, I learned about Husk a few years ago through that show. We finally got to eat there and really enjoyed this delicious Charleston food, much of it created from local ingredients. There’s so much more to show you about this meal (a separate post soon!), but my favorite dish of the night was this platter of giant cream puffs and a hot chocolate.


$25 Worth of Biscuits

Okay, I went  a little overboard at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. But with all the tempting flavors and combinations, how could I not? I highly recommend the pimento, egg, and sausage biscuit and you cannot leave Charleston without trying the cinnamon one!


Annual Walk Around the Battery

I’ll never get tired of strolling the downtown Battery streets and admiring all the beautiful homes. We do this walk EVERY TIME we visit Charleston. And each time, I fall in love with a new house and spend a while imagining myself sitting on verandah drinking mint juleps in the summer time.

cobble-stone-street img_1893 img_1882

37 thoughts on “Scenes from Charleston

  1. Okay, so I haven’t yet eaten breakfast and now I’m looking at that egg sandwich and having all sorts of cravings now, lol! It looks SO good, as do those cream puffs! You always share such awesome restaurants and food wherever you travel! Thanks for sharing, Mary, and I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!




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