Black and White Holiday Outfit


Merry Christmas everyone! By the time you’re all reading this, another Christmas day has come and gone.

I hope you all spent a peaceful and relaxing holiday 2016!

This year, I challenged myself NOT to buy any new holiday outfit. Instead, I resolved to come up with a festive look from clothing I already own. Personally, I love seeing other bloggers who wear the same pieces in versatile ways!

The result?

Borrowing from the layered dress-over-turtleneck trend this season, I wore this crepe slip dress (I’ve had for years!) over my favorite Ann Taylor tie neck blouse.

I was pleased with the outfit and happy to wear my favorite pieces in new ways. Best of all, no money was spent at all.

The funny thing is that I have so many favorites that just hang in my closet, never being worn. And all it takes is a little imagination, a little trial and error, and there you go, A NEW OUTFIT!

black-dress betsey-johnson-gold-pumps

I’m sure you have some great items in your closet that you can combine in new ways. I would love to hear your fashion inspiration!


32 thoughts on “Black and White Holiday Outfit

  1. I love that you shopped your own closet, Mary! I’m a huge proponent for doing this because often times, we have such beautiful pieces that we’ve either never worn or haven’t worn enough that could use some lovin’ haha! That said, I love how you styled your cami dress with a turtleneck layered under, so chic! Now, let’s talk about those beautiful shoes! They couldn’t be any more perfect for the season, I LOVE the bow details! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!




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