New Orleans Food Diary

Breakfast at Ruby Slipper Cafe in downtown New Orleans

Before going to New Orleans for Thanksgiving, I asked one of my work pals from Louisiana  what I should do there.

His answer: Eat!

New Orleans had always been on my radar as food destination, but I was so blown away by all the delicious choices there.

Here’s a round-up of my favorites.

Dinner First Night: Herbsaint

Our first meal in New Orleans, it was fitting that Herbsaint would feature all the best flavors of Creole cuisine. We went a little crazy with ordering, but it was all so worth it.

Homemade giant gnocchi in a spicy tasso ham and chili oil sauce.

I’ve always heard that the roux of gumbo should be cooked for hours and hours to achieve just the right deep flavor. After eating this authentic one, I’ll never think about gumbo the same way again. gumbo-herbsaint

Confit du canard, naturally.


Shrimp with greens and puffed rice on top (yes, those were like rice crispies on top!)


Fries with pimenton sauce, because who can resist that?


Breakfast Day 2: Envie Espresso Bar

This small local hangout is home to the New Orleans “Breakfast in a cup”. How could you pass that up with a name and promise like that?

The verdict: Yum. What’s not to like about grits, hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage, and gravy all together in one place?

Plus, their creamy strong latte was divine.


Dinner Day 2: Thanksgiving Dinner at a friend’s house in New Orleans 

Breakfast Day 3: Ruby Slipper

This cafe was recommended by our friend’s brother at Thanksgiving, and I’m so glad we followed up on it. This was probably my favorite meal of all. The top picture above is the breakfast I ordered- shrimp bugaloo with fried green tomato and fried chicken eggs benedicts.

The bacon infused Bloody Mary. I now can say that I adore pickled green beans as a drink garnish.


Dinner Day 3: Shaya

Somehow this restaurant popped into my mind months ago and I made a reservation here as soon as I found out we were going to New Orleans.

It’s funny because someone told us before we went, “You have to go to Shaya if you can get in” When I checked reservations online, they were fully booked up during the holiday, so I was glad I made those plans months ago.

The food here is Israeli, Mediterranean- flavors I absolutely love. Much of it reminded me of our food in Greece from last summer.

We started with the trio of dips for the table- baba ganoush, red pepper, and brussel sprouts. The fluffy pita bread is cooked in one of those igloo ovens, and it comes to the table piping hot and steamy.

That bread was so good that we asked for another one, and later when we couldn’t eat our main dishes because we were so full, I’m sure it was the pita bread’s fault . (But I forgive you pita bread because you were worth it)


We couldn’t resist the creamy humous with curried cauliflower on top.


We also ordered grilled halloumi, which was devoured in about 1 minute.


Our main course was this roasted lamb with tabouleh and mandarin oranges.  shaya5

We ate the lamb with this crunchy Persian rice with sautéed cherries on top. (I’m totally making this at home)


Dessert was very unique and I loved it, but no picture here unfortunately.

It was vanilla custard with a rum sauce poured over it and garnished with gingersnaps, fresh pineapple, and crystallized ginger. The combination of flavors in every bite was just a little bit different, and I’m totally combining gingersnaps, rum, and pineapple together in the future as an ice cream topping or something.

Breakfast Day 4: Cold Leftovers from our dinner at Shaya sitting on our bed in our hotel room (And i’m not even embarrassed by that)

Breakfast was followed by another trip to Envie espresso bar again. I just couldn’t leave NOLA without one more latte from that place!

Thanks New Orleans for feeding us well!

37 thoughts on “New Orleans Food Diary

  1. WOW what a diary! I enjoyed my dining experiences in New Orleans more than those in Napa and New York City (and I used to live in there). I’m dying to try the breakfast in a cup and that bacon infused bloody mary has my name on it! Next time you are there, make sure to try a sandwich at Cochon Butcher for the purpose of eating their crispy pickles. Love all the photos and the great reviews!

    Love, Liz


  2. All I kept saying while scrolling through these amazing photos was, omg, omg, that looks so delish, haha! Everything looks absolutely amazing! Eddie and I have talked about visiting New Orleans and if not for the history, then for the food, haha! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great rest of the week!




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