Dinner at Sazón in Santa Fe

                  The truly unique and beautiful dessert at Sazón- Can you guess what it is?

As you all know, I LOVE to eat and trying new food is one of my goals when traveling. (actually to be truthful, I’d say the whole trip revolves around food)

On my recent trip to New Mexico, I  had such a memorable dinner at Sazón in downtown Sante Fe.

The chef hails from Mexico City, and the food was more traditional Mexican than Tex-Mex or Southwestern, as many of us in the US are accustomed to.

This means the menu had items like moles, stuffed chilis, and the like (inventive combinations of flavors and ingredients).

We arrived to the restaurant WAY early due to me not knowing the exact time of our reservation. But no problem.  We happily headed to the bar for a drink.


I ordered a margarita in a glass lined with really spicy chili powder and my husband got a Mexican beer. The drinks were served with a trio of moles and a little stack of corn tortillas.

The moles were so interesting. I’ve only ever had the typical mole that most Americans know made with dark chocolate and chilis, but these moles had all sorts of ingredients including white chocolate, apricot, and fresh herbs.


The bar area was so cozy with Mexican art and skeleton decor… perfect for Halloween.


When it was time for dinner, we headed back up to the dining room and the food adventure continued.

The server recommended their signature “Lovers” soup and promised it was both memorable and delicious.

She was 100% right.

This soup was heavenly and unlike anything I’ve ever had. It was poblano cream with fresh lump crab meat and topped with amaretto foam dusted with cinnamon.


It was so creamy, spicy, and slightly sweet and as soon as we got back to our room that night, I started googling recipes for poblano cream soups!

Our main courses were lovely too.

I ordered Chile en Nogada, which was so satisfying and full of amazing textures and flavors.

This dish is a roasted pepper stuffed with dried fruit, minced beef, pomegranates, walnuts, and cream sauce.


My husband ordered the seared tuna steak served with a Thai spice inspired mole. This fish was so good and could easily be replicated at home, I think.  (well, maybe not the garnish)


Now on to dessert.

When we read the description of it on the menu, we found it rather vague. “This dessert is our chef’s masterpiece!”

We asked the server about it and she said she couldn’t really explain it to us, fearing our reaction, but asked if she could just bring us one to enjoy.

She promised that if we didn’t like it, she wouldn’t charge us for it.

After accepting her offer, we received this beauty a few minutes later.

Do you have any ideas about what it is?


Are you ready for this?

It’s the most unusual but surprisingly delicious dessert I’ve ever had. It’s avocado ice cream with beet, ginger, and jalapeño syrup. Sounds crazy, right? I promise, you would also love it.


Dining at Sazon was such a great experience and reasonably priced considering the originality and quality of the food.

I highly recommend you make reservations and go there when visiting Santa Fe.

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