Three Outdoor Adventures in Greece


Greece is beautiful and natural.. so of course, a big part of the experience there is enjoying the scenery. Here are three outdoor adventures I had in Greece on my summer trip.

Day Tripping to Poseidon


The temple of Poseidon sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean at Cape Sounion, which is considered the “Riviera of Greece”. It’s really a stunning sight, and a day trip out of Athens that many people pay a lot of money for.

We quickly realized that Greece is easy to navigate on your own without a formal tour, so we researched ways to get around. We found out you can take an easy bus ride all the way to Poseidon for about 15 euros a person roundtrip. Such a bargain compared to the $100 trip advertised through tour companies.

You can pick up the bus at several locations including a street adjacent to Syntagma Square. Just make sure you research the bus schedule ahead of time. We waited for almost an hour because we didn’t get an updated timetable.

Once we got to Poseidon, we just bought a ticket to the ruins and self-toured. The area is gorgeous and I loved all the perches over the water to sit and ponder life and other things … like how gorgeous is that color of the ocean?



One of the things I love about ancient sights like the Temple of Poseidon is the historical graffiti.

We tend to think of graffiti as a modern spray paint can phenomenon, but take a look at this etching in the stone below. Some visitor from 1873 basically marked “I was here!”


Cliff Jumping at Amoudi Bay in Santorini

Yes, below in that picture, I’m flinging myself off a cliff.

It  was not really that high, but I did feel a little afraid. The issue was how the side of the rock juts out… that made you feel like you had to jump a wide arc to avoid hitting the side of the rocks.

In the end, it was totally worth it to plunge into that crystalline water!


Amoudi Bay is accessible by Oia, the northern tip of Santorini. It’s a small bay located at the bottom of these stairs shared by people and donkeys alike.

We made the trek down the stairs and arrived hot, sweaty, and thirsty. Perfect conditions for jumping in the cool water.


After jumping into the water, we rewarded ourselves at Katina, a local fisherman’s restaurant right there in the bay and ordered some lovely post-swimming food like fried cheese and a greek salad (You can see more about this restaurant experience in this post about my favorite meals in Greece)

Kayaking in Mykonos

Mykonos has so many little hidden coves and private beaches where you can launch  a kayak. My husband booked a tour through Mykonos Kayaks and we ended up at this gorgeous spot.

I love how the land is so dry and muted, but the ocean is a bright jewel in the distance.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0341.

Along with some other fun people we met, we launched our kayaks out of this small beach and spent a few hours learning tricks, paddling into some little rapids, eating a homemade Greek lunch, and skin diving for sea urchins (which we could eat if we wanted- the freshest sashimi I’v ever had!)


After the kayaking, we also had a chance to swim in that ocean. Don’t you just wanna jump in?

How do you feel about outdoor adventures on vacation? Are you a traveler who likes to get out there or do you prefer something more laid-back?


23 thoughts on “Three Outdoor Adventures in Greece

  1. Can I just say that I’m completely envious of this trip? Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure I could be as brave as your were with the cliff jumping. Gorgeous pics as always!



  2. I am always dreaming of going to Greece. Congratulations by the way on taking the plunge (literally). You’re so brave! Wish I could come and visit Greece soon too. Thanks for sharing!



  3. What an amazing place is Cape Sounion right? I am so glad you visited it too! Kayaking in Mykonos is my daily gym activity 6 months a year! However this year I only had 4-5 times due to 8-10 beaufort wind every day all season! You got too lucky if there was no wind when you visited 🙂
    Have a great week!


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