Weekend in Shenandoah Mountains

Taking a dip in a mountain waterfall pool

Taking the plunge in the Shenandoah mountains.

At least once a year, my husband and I plan a weekend away in Shenandoah. We love the mountains and the fresh air!

We either go in summer or early fall, as both are lovely times of year to visit. While fall is brimming with color, late summer offers so many fun chances to swim in the waterfall pools.

Have you ever done it? It’s a completely exhilarating experience. That water is so fresh and cool… totally worth it after (or even in the middle) of a long hike.

In particular, the Rose River Loop trail has so many waterfalls. waterfall

We usually rent a rustic cabin and our dog Quinn accompanies us even though he’s more of a city pup.district-hi-lo-shenandoah-lookout

We spend our time exploring new hiking paths and relishing the peace. The quiet and pretty views always melt my stress away.pathdistrict-hi-lo-shenandoah

On one walk, we came upon a stream with a tree trunk over it and a series of these rocks lined up on the tree. What a beautiful scene someone left for other hikers…stones

My favorite part of our weekend away is making our campfire breakfast while the air is still cool. I do all the meal planning for our trip and toasty cinnamon rolls are always on the menu!breakfast-bootsIMG_1062clouds

I could totally pull up a chair and sit here for hours… what about you?

Where do you go to chill out when you need a break?

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42 thoughts on “Weekend in Shenandoah Mountains

  1. You are very fortunate to have visited such place. Hopefully it will remain untouched even in the years to come so future generation will be able to enjoy nature’s unspoiled beauty. Thanks for sharing!



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