Greece Food Diary

saladEnjoying local food is a major part of my travels.

While I don’t plan every single meal, I do admit that quite a bit of time goes into research and making a handy list of places to try. 

Sometimes you get lucky and stumble on a fabulous place by accident, and I love it when that happens!

But more often, in my view, the best places are just a little bit off the beaten track and do require some planning.

The food in Greece was amazingly fresh, simple, and delicious. We didn’t have any bad meals, but here’s a list of my favorites.

Karamandalikas (Athens)


As soon as we got settled at our hotel the first day, we headed to this fun restaurant in the Plaka market area. It’s located inside a butcher. All the tables circle a large display case of hanging meats, cheeses, and other items.


We couldn’t have chosen a place with more character for our very first meal in Greece. We ordered the greens with spicy salami (pictured above), eggplant and zucchini, and Greek sausages. This is also where I got to try the creamiest authentic Greek yogurt for the first time. I’ll  never be the same again …


Falafellas (Athens)


We stopped at this tiny hole in the wall for our first dinner in Athens and went 2 more times during our trip. The giant falafel was filled with salad, sautéed eggplant, and the crispiest falafel I’ve had. It easily fills two people and it only cost about 5 euros!

Plaka Hotel Breakfast Buffet (Athens)


Our hotel had a fabulous breakfast spread with all kinds of bread, cheeses, pastries, and yogurt dishes. I could eat this every morning!  

Dios Dekares (Athens)

spicy-fetapeppersyogurt-kebab salad

This was the one restaurant that I couldn’t leave Greece without trying. Unfortunately, when we arrived, there was a sign on the door that said, “On Sundays, we go swimming!”

We finally made it there on our last night in Greece after we’d been to the islands. I was so sad we didn’t have another night to eat here. It was so good!

They brought us rustic garlic bread toasted on a  grill, a cheese salad, spicy feta, stuffed pepper, and kebab with yogurt sauce.  

Lukumades (Athens)


These little donuts were piping hot, doused in honey and cinnamon, and simply awesome.

Avocado (Santorini) 

avocado-salad squid

Of course a restaurant named Avocado would serve a delicious avocado salad, tomato fritters, and stuffed squid with lemon and tamarind sauces.

Katina (Santorini)



After jumping off the cliffs at Amoudi Bay, we walked over to this tiny seafood place for grilled peppers, seared cheese, and more squid. The perfect meal after swimming in the ocean.

Venetsanos Winery (Santorini)  


A cheese plate for lunch is definitely a good idea when it looks like this. And it’s accompanied with wine. And it has that view. This winery is built into the side of a mountain …


Kostantis (Mykonos)


Shrimp and sundried tomato salad, zucchini fritters, orange fish, and truffle risotto. All next to the sound of the ocean…

Sakis Grill House (Mykonos)


Greek platters with pita, fries, meat, and tzakiki became our go-to quick and inexpensive meal in Greece.  This one from Saki’s in Mykonos town was especially good, and a bargain at only about 8 euros!    

Finally, one of my absolute favorite treats (not food, but drink related) was just sipping wine we bought at the local market on our balcony in Santorini…



37 thoughts on “Greece Food Diary

  1. Wow, everything looks SO delicious, Mary, I’m sure you enjoyed everything! My husband and I love Greek food, but most of the dishes you’ve shared here, I’ve never even seen or heard of before and I’d like to think we dine at authentic restaurants in NYC! Goes to show that it’s just never the same as it is in the actual country! It looks like in Athens, the dishes have more meat than in Santorini, which seems to be comprised of more seafood; both look delicious! Oh, speaking of, I just LOVE Lukumades, OMG, so good! There’s a Greek festival that we go to every year in September and we wait all year to have Lukumades because this festival does it right and you just made me even more excited about it with that pic! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!




  2. As a Greek I can reassure you that you have definitely tasted the best of Greek plates! Latina in Santorini must be an amazing one! I book very often there tables for our clients in daily yacht charters, and even the most demanding ones are praising it! So I will definitely visit it first chance I got! And yes Konstantis in Mykonos is a must, especially for fresh seafood! They always have amazing food!
    Have a great weekend my dear!


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