Rustic Beauty in Agio Ioannis, Mykonos


Enjoying the sunset (and trying not to get wind-swept into the ocean) in Agio Ioannis, Mykonos. 

Choosing an area to stay as your home base in Mykonos is tough!

With so many special sights all around the island, there’s just too much choice. Many travelers gravitate towards Mykonos town or Paradise Beach for the proximity to the clubs, restaurants, and long stretches of white sandy beach.

I’m more of a nature girl, though, so I wanted more rustic and less touristy.

mykonos-beach-scenes agio-ioannis-beach

We ended up in Agio Ioannis, an easy 15 minute bus ride outside town at the Lithos Hotel. In fact, the bus stopped right outside our hotel, which made getting around super convenient and cheap.

Surprise to me, this beach was the location of the hilarious movie Shirley Valentine (Have you seen it? Oh, it’s the best woman empowering movie ever!) Randomly, it’s also where Lindsay Lohan celebrated her Birthday this year at the same time we were there. People were talking about it, but no Lindsay sighting for us…

Right outside the hotel was a long windy path along the ocean leading to a hidden cove. It passed by cactus, flowering trees, an old white church with bright blue shutters, wild brush, dramatic rock formations, and the most charming homes.

I now totally have a fantasy of renting a cottage here and staying all summer long. donna-ricco-dressscenes-of-agio-ioannis

The best part was this isolated beach at the end of the path.

Mykonos has so many beaches teeming with people. This hidden cove felt like such an indulgence.  hidden-cove-mykonossunset-mykonos-beach

While white seems to be the outfit color of choice for many people in Santorini, color just made more sense here in Mykonos.

This bright sundress from Donna Ricco is one of my all time favorites. I bought it from Nordstrom a while back without knowing anything about the brand.

Then I happened to see Donna Ricco herself on QVC talking about her design philosophy and she totally won me over. Rather than trends, she’s focused on  helping women feel great in comfortable and flattering clothing for all body types and bringing out their best.

This dress isn’t available now, but Nordstrom always sells a selection of Donna Ricco designs (some seasonal lines are bigger than others), which I recommend for the quality and fit.

58 thoughts on “Rustic Beauty in Agio Ioannis, Mykonos

  1. Ah such a wonderful post about Mykonos my dear! I love Agios Ioannis beach and usually keep away from places like Paradise, Super Paradise too.. There are so many other beautiful things to do in Mykonos! That hidden beach is a true gem, I can’t wait for October to enjoy it 😉
    Hippy Fish restaurant where Shirley Valentine was filmed is a wonderful place, but trust a local and try the food right opposite to Pyli restaurant! I really love that one 🙂
    You are so right, it is very “hard” for us who live here. Especially due to the strong winds all day every day, that’s why all of us are a little bit crazy here haha, but in a good way!
    Next time you come feel free to drop me a line, I will show you the best of the best!


  2. I’ve heard how beautiful Mykonos is, so I believe you when you say that it can be a bit tough to narrow down where to stay! I think a place that has more of a rustic feel is a great option, though, especially when near the beach, the whole energy and feel is brought in, which is nice and relaxing! I’ve never watched that movie, now you have me curious, since you’ve said it’s an empowering one for us ladies, I’ll have to check it out! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!




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