Greece Trip: Mykonos Town


After a few days in Santorini, I didn’t think Greece could get any more special. But then I visited Mykonos and fell in love. Again.

The crazy and gorgeous thing about Mykonos town is the ocean. It’s wild and the wind blows it right up to the buildings.  district-hi-lo-mykonos-3 beachdistrict-hi-lo-mykonos-4I couldn’t get over how close the ocean was to the town… it gave me the feeling of being perched on the edge in the most exciting way.

So many of the charming cafes and bars in the part of town known as “Little Venice” have openings and windows right on the edge of the water. Sitting inside, you could reach out and touch it if you were so inclined.


Look closely and you’ll see cats snoozing to the left; Cozy wine bar on the right

In my opinion, Mykonos town is most beautiful the few hours leading up to sunset. We walked around  through the windy streets and when we got to the water as the sun was going down, we saw the most gorgeous wedding right on the beach.

The wind was whipping everything around (the flowers on the arch, people’s hair, the bride’s dress) and the effect was so cinematic and stunning. I didn’t think to take pictures, but the image is forever branded in my mind!

mykonos-mary-2 mykonos-beach

Before leaving Mykonos town to head somewhere else for dinner, we stopped for drinks at a waterfront cafe called Veranda.  It was the most memorable white wine with a view I’ve had in a long time.  veranda-mykonos

Getting to Mykonos: We took the ferry from Santorini and it took about 4 hours. In hindsight, I think I’d just fly here on Aegean air, as the price was about the same, but it would’ve saved so much time.

lithos aying in Mykonos: We stayed at a modern boutique hotel called the Lithos by Spiros & Flora. It was located near Agios Ioanis Beach, about a 15 minute bus ride from Mykonos Town.

42 thoughts on “Greece Trip: Mykonos Town

  1. Gorgeous! Seems like everyone is going to Greece! Also, I love your play on words in the post title. Clever! 😉




  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time!! I’ve wanted to visit Mykonos for such a long time because I always see it on instagram, and the fact that you liked it so much makes me wanna go even more! Thank you so much for sharing and have a great week!

    xo, Esther


  3. I was really looking forward to your posts in Mykonos! First of all I love your casual look and striped top for strolling around the island! It’s just perfect!
    Lithos is a great choice and a great value for money here in Mykonos! I am very glad you enjoyed your stay 🙂


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