Late Summer in Georgetown


Georgetown is one of my favorite neighborhoods in DC. The ivy, the historic townhouses, and even the door knockers all lend it so much character!

(Today I’m suspending my Greece photos to share a recent afternoon I spent there)  

If you visit DC, you must spend a few hours walking around Georgetown.  This neighborhood is so colorful and charming.

I love thinking about all the generations who have lived in these old homes through the centuries. Some of the houses even have side courtyard entrances for horses!


It’s been so hot here, so I wanted to be cool and comfortable. This white top was perfect.

Recently, I wandered into H&M on a whim and came out with some great basics like this blouse for only $24! It’s not normally a store I shop in (assuming that most of the clothes are for a much younger group), but I’m actually a convert now after finding quite a few nice affordable items.

This white top will be work great as a transitional work blouse as it goes from warm to cool over the next few months.

How do you feel about H&M? Are you a fan of their clothing? Have you been in there recently?

georgetown-2district-hi-lo-georgetown window

H&M Blouse/ Milly Skirt

Ray Ban sunglasses/Michael Kors purse (similar here)

44 thoughts on “Late Summer in Georgetown

  1. Ive heard of Georgetown before, but have never visited. It does indeed look charming and I how cool is that, that there are side courtyard entrances for courses?! I also love your outfit, that skirt is so lovely and it looks so good paired with your new top! I’ve had very similar experiences with both H&M and Forever 21. Whenever I’ve gone in their with the intent of shopping, I never found anything, but when I just went in on a whim, I found SO many cute things that have ended up lasting years! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!




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