Visiting Santorini


The next stop in our Greece trip was the island of Santorini. If you plan on visiting Greece, you absolutely cannot miss it!


After a lot of research about getting there from Athens, we found the easiest and maybe most cost-effective way (considering time and effort) was flying. We booked flights through Aegean Air at about 69 euros per ticket, and the flight took about 30 minutes.

Many people stay in busy Fira or touristy Oia, but we stayed in between in Imerovigli. The Afroessa Hotel blew us away with its staggeringly beautiful views.

pool sitting-in-door

All 10 rooms in this small boutique hotel have ocean views and a private terrace where you can enjoy breakfast gazing at the ocean or a glass of wine as the sun sets. They also have small kitchenettes so you can purchase some grocery items.

It was also really easy to get to both Fira and Oia by local buses, which only cost a few euros for a trip.

The first day, we hiked the famous trail from Fira to Oia. I highly recommend it!

This hike is like nothing else… first, it winds up through the narrow maze of streets of Fira, past cafes, chapels, and curio shops. Next it takes you past hotels and homes with sweeping Caldera views, then through the rustic mountainside, and finally ends in the pristine white stucco village of Oia.


hiking-to-oiatrail-to-oia scenes-on-trail-to-fira santorini-sunset

Many people do this hike first thing in the morning, but we started it a few hours before sunset and arrived in Oia just as the sun was going down.

Give yourself about 3 hours if you’re starting in Fira, and take lots of water, a hat, and sunscreen! There are so many wonderful things to look at along the way.

Trust me, it’s worth it!

Athleta dress (similar version here)/Tevas

Ray Ban Sunglasses



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