DC Local Eats: Blue Duck Tavern


Blue Duck Tavern’s signature appetizer, barbeque bone marrow with roasted garlic

We finally made it to Blue Duck Tavern in DC. This restaurant has been on our list of must-visit places for a while, but unfortunately, the experience just didn’t live up to the hype. Read more to find out why.

A few months ago, the Washingtonian published a list of the 100 best restaurants in DC. The cover of the issue featured the most beautiful scrumptious looking apple pie from Blue Duck Tavern. Every time, I looked at the cover, I started to salivate over it, so of course we had to try this place out!

Ambiance This restaurant is inside a Hyatt Hotel. Not that there’s anything wrong with hotel restaurants. I’ve been to many lovely ones through the years. But this one just screamed generic to me. It was on the ground level in sort of a large open air space that was more suited to a sunny breakfast than a cozy dinner.

We were seated along the wall with one diner’s back to a busy server’s station. This meant that there was a lot of activity going on behind us, which also took away from having a relaxing meal.

I also felt like our dishes came out to us rather quickly, which just didn’t feel like a fine dining experience to me.

Food We ordered the bone marrow with roasted garlic and toast appetizer (pictured above). The presentation of it was beautiful, but too salty for my taste. For our meal, we got the beef short rib.  short-rib We also ordered the garlic mashed potatoes and the spring vegetable knudi. knudi Finally, we ordered the confit duck.  duck All in all, we were a bit underwhelmed with the food. Some things were way too salty and some things lacked flavor.

Nothing tasted bad, but nothing stood out either, with the exception of the spring vegetable knudi. I’m just not sure that a spring vegetable knudi is enough to get me to return.

On a side note, though, have you ever tried knudi? It was my first time, and I’d definitely order it again if I saw it on the menu somewhere else.

The Apple Pie So what about that apple pie in the photo that I salivated over for months? In the end, we decided to cut our losses and skip the dessert. We felt like we’d spent enough.

The Final Verdict While the service was fine and the dishes looked beautiful, overall, we felt Blue Duck Tavern was very expensive for what we got.

My feeling is that if I’m going to pay fine dining prices, I want a fine dining experience, but this one just didn’t feel luxurious.

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