Wanderlust at Assateague Island


Exploring the beach and tracking wild horses at Assateague Island.


As mentioned in the last post, feral horses roam freely around the island, which makes for some interesting encounters!

Different theories explain how these horses got here. Some believe they were part of a shipwrecked Spanish galleon a few hundred years ago. The other theory is these are ancestors of colonial horses who were running wild.

They’re literally everywhere on the beach and campground. You can see them in the middle of marshy areas off in the distance and every now and again, they run through the grounds in a big pack. We saw horses stop and take dinner off one family’s picnic table! (Rude!)athleta-jogging-pantsassateague-island-district-hi-lo

The island itself is really rustic and pretty. There are marshes, bays, and wild flowers.

We got such a big kick out of this old house totally overtaken by nature!overgrown-house horses-in-campground wild-horses-4

Because this day was in the low 70s and breezy, I wore my favorite Wanderlust tshirt with new Midtown ankle pants from Athleta.

These pants are so comfortable and lightweight. They’re really the perfect pant for all kinds of situations, and I plan to travel with them later this summer.

On a side note, I know Tevas have been around FOREVER. In fact, I had some years and years ago.

But I’d forgotten how great they are as travel shoes, and then I saw these Derek Lam limited edition versions from Athleta. I knew they’d be great for camping and beach adventures.

Wanderlust T-shirt (old but similar great ones here)/Athleta Pants

Derek Lam Tevas from Athleta/Ray Ban Sunglasses

Floppy Hat


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