Golden Hour at Assateague Island


Imagine this… Golden Hour. Fresh air. Light breeze. Ocean. This was how we started our weekend camping trip at Assateague Island. 


Before this trip, I’d never really heard of Assateague Island. 

One of my friends invited my husband and I there on a couples camping adventure (doggies included) months ago. Then she got pregnant and understandably bowed out.

We heard there were feral horses that play on the 37 mile long beach and hang out in the campground, so we decided to go check it out. (More about the horses in the next post!)

It turned out to be the dreamiest trip ever, and as soon as we got back, I booked our trip there for next summer. 


After we got our tent up, we spent our first evening watching the sunset, making our dinner over the fire, and relaxing under the stars.

It was so wonderful to sleep right next to the ocean and hear the tide lapping against the shore all night.

How do you feel about camping? Are you a fan?

Banana Republic Tunic/Loft Shorts

Tevas/Ray Ban Sunglasses 


29 thoughts on “Golden Hour at Assateague Island

    1. Hi Anouk,
      Like you, I didn’t much like camping until recently. But now I love it! The ocean sound so near made it really worth it!


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