The Trend That Won’t Quit: Denim on Denim


Last Sunday, the CBS Morning Show was devoted to all things STYLE. (Have you ever seen the show? It’s so uplifting … I highly recommend!)

They aired a segment about “Athleisure Attire”and how yoga leggings are soaring in popularity for everyday casual wear and how denim sales have been going down for the past 3 years.


While denim may be losing favor with the general public, it’s still a major player for fashion-minded people.

In fact, as I regularly scour the Internet for style inspiration from Pinterest, blogs, and Net-a-Porter, I’ve noticed that the denim on denim trend is still going strong, especially for summer with rompers, sheath dresses, long skirts, and jumpsuits.


I absolutely adore denim- how it’s easy to wear, goes with everything, and just looks better over time. While I am guilty of wearing my yoga pants beyond the gym, I’m not ready to trade in my denim yet!

How about you? These days are you likely to be foregoing the denim in favor of athletic wear?


Calvin Klein shirt/Loft Cardigan Sweater

Gap Skirt/DSW Pumps

Michael Kors purse/Valentino sunglasses



28 thoughts on “The Trend That Won’t Quit: Denim on Denim

  1. It’s funny that you wrote that because I’ve been noticing in NYC that a lot of girls are now wearing athleisure. . .very gorgeous leggings and pretty tops. I initially wasn’t a fan of it but after one day where I actually went out wearing that (to go to the gym), I ended up liking it…haha it was really just so comfortable! I wouldn’t go to dinner or a bar like that but I definitely felt more comfortable walking around in workout gear. That said, I LOVE all denim looks! Especially a cute romper or shorts with a denim top. Super cute and reminds me of the ’90s. Love this post!


    michenn Skincare Sundays


  2. I love your denim-on-denim look, Mary, that skirt is so lovely and I love the pop of coral with your cardigan! I don’t think denim will be going anywhere, I just think that athleisure is having an extended moment. I mean, don’t get me wrong, like you, I love wearing my leggings on off days, but they can never replace my denim! For instance, if you have a lunch meeting, you can totally get away with wearing a blazer paired with jeans, but you can’t get away with combining it with leggings. They’re versatile, but there not as practical for a lot of scenarios as denim. Great post, lovely, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!




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