District Eats: Rose’s Luxury

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Recently, my husband and I ate dinner at Rose’s Luxury in DC. It’s been hailed as one of the very best restaurants in the US since it opened last year. Here’s a peek at our experience.

As mentioned in my last restaurant review, trying new foods brings me so much joy. You too? Hope you enjoy the latest installment of my DC local eats series.

Because of all the good hype, getting a reservation at Rose’s Luxury is tough. You can try to make an online reservation a month in advance.

But unsuccessful for so long, we finally tried the OTHER way to eat at this restaurant: standing in a very long line before they open.

So, my husband and I got strategic. We chose a rainy cooler day when people might not be that likely to wait in line. It worked! We were first in line and only waited for one hour.

Was it worth it? Here’s how the evening went…

The Ambiance


The first thing you notice about Rose’s Luxury once you get inside is that it’s buzzing with activity… I guess there’s just so much anticipation from waiting in line and then finally making it inside that we all feel a little giddy and excited.

The decor itself is simple. Exposed brick. Fairy Lights. Soft lighting. Minimalistic artwork.

The servers are prompt and friendly and helpful, and it’s one of those places where you never know who’s going to deliver the food to your table, but everyone explains the dishes to you in delightful detail.

On the night we dined there, we had two fashionable Chinese women on one side of us (both wearing chunky silver brogues!) and a very young couple on the other side with a sour young man upset about not being able to drink alcohol (didn’t have his ID) and disappointed that he couldn’t customize his food.

It was entertaining to watch him make a big fuss, sigh, leave the table to fret outside, come back in, resent the wife for having a drink, and then finally leave his wife at the table to eat alone!

It was funny because he thought he was so sophisticated and had a “customer must be satisfied no matter what” philosophy. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course, I believe that customers should be treated well. But after living overseas in Europe and Japan, I also believe in trusting the experience that the restaurant and chef has designed for you.  And I don’t try to alter the dishes that have been so carefully crafted for us.

After they left, all the surrounding tables started discussing the guy. It was sort of a bonding experience for us!

The Food and Drinks

The drinks were really lovely. I ordered this coconut cocktail served in the prettiest sugar rimmed glass with a flower floating on top. Delicious!

IMG_1702 (1)

Our first appetizer was this homemade potato bread with buttermilk whipped butter. You had the sensation of eating a baked potato with sour cream and chives. So good!


From there, we had an array of dishes that came out rather haphazardly, but I didn’t mind. It sort of reminded me of a Japanese izakaya, where things come out and you leisurely eat them.

The first was this peasant bread with ricotta, pickled strawberries, and greens. I’d never had pickled fruit before, and I am now a fan. I’m going to make this at home this summer. Isn’t it beautiful?IMG_1704

We also had pork with garlic and vegetables. This was the least favorite dish of the night…and unmemorable.  I can’t even remember what this tasted like!


However, I do remember this one well! Fresh Rigatoni with boar bolognese. So hearty and tasty!


This next dish is a take on a popular Caribbean dish with short grain rice and barbecued stewed meat with beans. I loved this and want to try to make this at home as well.


Our main dish was served family style… brisket with homemade white bread and slaw. Being from Texas, my husband is a huge brisket fan, and this one was so juicy and flavorful! Do you see those huge flakes of salt on the beef? Yum.


The Desserts

Unsure of how to end the meal, we asked our server for a recommendation between the deconstructed chocolate mousse and the Fernet tiramisu. We ended up ordering the mousse, and then to our surprise, the server brought us the tiramisu as a gift on the house.

I’m so glad we got to try the tiramisu because it was the stand out. It reminded me of a dessert you might have in Japan, creamy and less sweet than how we do desserts in the States generally. The green tea powder on top was a nice touch too, and I’ve never tried Fernet before.

IMG_1715 IMG_1716

The Takeaway

All in all, this was a lovely experience.

I don’t know that I would seek out this experience again and wait in a long line. But if we happen to be in the area and the weather is less than ideal that day, then I wouldn’t mind waiting for half an hour or so.

30 thoughts on “District Eats: Rose’s Luxury

  1. Wow, this seems like such a great restaurant, Mary! I think the fact that they’ve developed such a buzz in such a short amount of time is quite impressive! The food looks absolutely delicious, I definitely want to pay a visit, DC isn’t TOO far from NY. Thanks for the heads up in making a reservation in advance! I hope you have a great week ahead, lovely!




  2. One hour to queue, only… well, the food looks really nice, so it was worth it. The scene with the unhappy customer sounds funny; but I admit that it’s a bit annoying when adults are being id-ed. I feel for him 😀



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