Santa Barbara Golden Hour


Late afternoon and early evening in Santa Barbara is pure magic. Here’s how I recently spent a few hours there as the sun went down.

As mentioned in my previous post about the road trip through the desert, my husband and I ended up in Santa Barbara after driving through the mountains and wine tasting in Santa Ynez Valley.

We had reservations at Barbareno, a restaurant with wonderful reviews on Tripadvisor. (By the way, how did I survive before Tripadvisor?)

A few hours to spare, we walked around, admiring the tile work, ornate wrought iron, and other Spanish motifs all around the city.

district-hi-lo-santa-barbara lamp

This yellow lace dress (similar dress here)was my outfit of choice for the evening. This pale yellow is a color that I wouldn’t normally wear, but something about the dress called out to me.

If you know evenings in California, then you know it gets chilly fast as the sun goes down. To keep warm, I had this textured knit sweater from Loft within easy reach. I wore these flat sandals from Michael Kors to navigate the streets.


quixote iron-gate church muralsyellow-lace-dress

When it was time for dinner, we found ourselves at Barbareno in downtown Santa Barbara. This restaurant serves fresh farm to table cuisine with a California twist. barbarenooo-1

The sun went down very quickly as we dined, so I wasn’t able to get nice shots of the food. Pictured above are mini mushroom bisques, which were heavenly. (I’ve googled how to make these at home as I’m now obsessed with this soup)

We also had ravioli made from black olives and filled with goat cheese, lamp chops, and an expresso ice cream with vanilla shot. Everything was delicious and I’ll soon be adding my own glowing review to tripadvisor.

Have you ever been to Santa Barbara?


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