California Dreamin’

peasant-blouse-and-skirt Soaking in the California sun in the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara. Every time I visit California, I fall in love.

I just can’t resist the cool fresh mornings, the wildflowers growing literally everywhere, and the beautiful terrain.

During this trip, I’m visiting family outside of LA and spent an afternoon driving through the desert to the wineries in Santa Ynez and then on to Santa Barbara.

I wore this same red skirt from Loft featured in my rainy day post along with a peasant blouse from Michael Kors.

Here’s a peek at my afternoon…

I was lucky to get my husband to pull off the road so we could get these gorgeous views of the mountains. (once we get going in a car, he’s got tunnel vision and he doesn’t like to stop… but how could you not with vistas like these?santa-ynez-valleydistrict-hi-lo-fashion desert-lake michael-kors-peasant-top After driving through the desert, we headed into Santa Ynez valley and stopped at Firestone Vineyards. This place has the most lovely setting and their wines were great too!loft-red-skirt firestone-winery2 Firestone-winery From there, we went to Santa Barbara, where we visited the Botanic garden and  Butterfly Beach for a couple of hours.

The Botanic Garden is highly recommended. It sits high above Santa Barbara in the hills overlooking the city, and it contains only flora and fauna native to California. botanical-garden

The beach was a nice break from the afternoon heat, and we loved walking up and down the coastline on that cool sand. The only problem was that we got tar stuck to the bottom of our feet. Man, that stuff is hard to get off!butterfly-beach beach-flora-santa-barbara

I adore a beach lined with desert shrubs and flowers…


And this is how our afternoon in Santa Barbara ended. There’s more of this lovely city to share in coming posts…



38 thoughts on “California Dreamin’

  1. I love your outfit, Mary, the red skirt looks wonderful paired with the peasant top! As for these views, wow! I agree, how can you not stop to soak it all in an capture the moment, it’s so gorgeous?! I’ve heard how beautiful Santa Barbara is and these photos certainly prove it! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a lovely week so far!




  2. I have been to Santa Barbara once and I didn’t know what to do there really. I should have visited the Botanic Garden and the beach! So nice that you got to spend time in California. I went there last in February and I will return next week.



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