Spring Rainy Day Outfit

rainy-day-spring-outfit Hanging out with my black lab on a rainy Spring day in DC.

We’ve had about 10 days of rain in the DC area. Today is the first day we’ve gotten a glimmer of sun!

I wore this outfit from Loft during a cool rainy afternoon last week. I love the open ribbon stitch on the textured sweater and the A-line mini skirt (sold out) is the perfect coral-red color for the season. As always, my Hunters help navigate the rain puddles and wet grass.

The item I’m most excited about though is the bright pink Longchamp Le Pliage bag. I know I’m so late to the party on this bag, but I love this great practical purchase.

I was looking for a summer bag that could work on the beach and shopping and was leaning towards a funky straw tote. But these days, I’m also trying to purchase items that translate to multiple areas of my life too like work and travel as well as different seasons. This bag was my answer!

Apparently, the Longchamp bag is the answer for a lot of people. Recently in an airport, I spied 3 other women in my boarding area with one as well!

I took these photos in my yard… the irises are in full bloom right now and they smell so good!

longchamp_bagirisloft-sweater loft_sweateriris-flowers

21 thoughts on “Spring Rainy Day Outfit

  1. Yay to the sun finally coming out Mary! The Red skirt is fab and really does work with the hunter boots. Aren’t those boots so amazing and comfy??!! I am totally loving your sweater too.


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